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Updated: Apr 15, 2019

This past Sunday I was fooling around with some random ideas. It was a quick and dirty set up. No lights, no tripods. Just me and my Sony Alpha 7 R II & the nifty fifty. I just wanted to shoot things as they came to mind. No over analyzing, no criticizing, just feeling my way through. A "rapid fire round" shoot so to speak. I find these little 30/45 min sessions help me get unstuck. That is why it is so important to play in whatever line of work you are in. It gets the juices flowing, makes you feel like a kid again and reminds you why you love what you do. Or in the least, it gets some not so good ideas out of your head so you can actually get better.

I played around with this dried up milkweed & two weddings bands that I inherited from my Grandmother & Mother. Aren't gold bands just so #elegant & #understated... I love the symbolism of a #wedding #ring but I especially love the history of these two rings but I digress.

I wanted to voice a certain pressure I am feeling as a freelance photographer. This pressure for my work all look the same, it be the brand. I see all these other photographers and their work has such flow and uniformity to it. And while I love that how that looks I find it a struggle to do for my own work.

I get it. As a business it's important you want to convey a clear image to your client and you should probably embody your brand through and through. It's just that something about that just feels so restricting. My work is as much about my clients and assisting them with their needs as it is about my doing what I love well and I love variety in my work. I love photographing a variety of things because for one it keeps things interesting. I get a different feeling when I photograph an interior and it is a whole other experience when you photograph a person. So some days I will post product shots, some days I will post interiors, other days I will post weddings, and then there are portraits. I love portraits! You will see a lot of those.

I will leave you with this; Variety is the spice of life!

Uniformity ... well that is the death of creativity & fun right there.

I trust that my clients/readers are here because they want variety.

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